CPC-M - Basic research and clinical practice in a network of four excellent partners


Basic research and clinical practice in a network of four excellent partners

Research and practice that reaches the patient

The network of the four partners of the CPC-M ensures that our basic research also reaches clinical practice. And vice versa, clinical practice gets a better insight into the way scientists work. This translational approach seeks to shorten the path from the lab to the patient. Scientific findings should reach the patient earlier than before.

The partners of the CPC-M (DZL site Munich):

Helmholtz Munich – The German Research Center for Environmental Health


Helmholtz Zentrum München develops personalized medicine for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common diseases such as diabetes mellitus, lung diseases and allergy. The scientists are investigating the complex interplay between genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle. After all, people and their environment cannot be separated when diseases arise. The physicians and scientists want to find answers to the following questions:

- How can we determine the health risks for an individual at an early stage?
- How do we decipher still unknown mechanisms of disease development?
- Which concepts for permanent and individual prevention and healing as well as improved diagnostics can be derived from this?

As a federal research institution, the Center is part of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres.

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU)

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich is one of the leading universities in Europe with  a tradition dating back over 500 years. The high-tech campus of LMU in Großhadern combines modern scientific and clinical infrastructures. For a long period, pneumology, or lung medicine, was not represented in Bavaria with its own department. It was not until 2013 that a department head was appointed at LMU. Since that time, Professor Jürgen Behr, MD, has been head of the Department of Internal Medicine / Pulmonology. He is also head of Clinical Pulmonology at LMU University Hospital (Großhadern).

LMU University Hospital

LMU University Hospital in Großhadern along with its division in the city center stands for research and teaching as well as patient care at the highest medical level. The medical clinic and polyclinic V combines all pneumological-internal examination and treatment offers, focusing mainly on e.g. interstitial lung disease, COPD, asthma or pulmonary hypertension. Polyclinic V is a pioneer in Germany in the field of lung transplantation and related innovative immunosuppression.

Professor Jürgen Behr, MD, is head of the Medical Clinic and Polyclinic V. He is also head of the Department of Internal Medicine / Pulmonology at LMU.

Asklepios Specialist Clinics Munich-Gauting

The university teaching hospital and center of excellence is one of the largest lung clinics in Germany. All diseases of the lungs, respiratory tract and thorax are diagnosed and treated here, from asthma to COPD and lung cancer. The core of the pneumological clinic is the individual differential diagnosis: Patients with unclear lung or respiratory diseases are first admitted to a highly specialized lung function department. There, specialists comprehensively examine the function and performance of the lung – as a basis for the diagnosis and individual treatment of the respective patient.

The high number of patients in the Specialist Clinic in Munich-Gauting is important for research at CPC-M. Complex disease patterns can only be investigated based on large groups of patients – with the aim of finding more targeted and better therapies.