Bavarian Maximilian Order

CPC-M Director Erika von Mutius receives “Bavarian Nobel Prize"
Photo of Erika von Mutius receiving the Maximilian Order

Photo: Joerg Koch/ Bayerische Staatskanzlei

Prof. von Mutius is one of nine exceptional individuals who have been awarded the "Bavarian Nobel Prize" this year for their outstanding work in the fields of science and art.

The director of the Munich site of the German Center for Lung Research, DZL, Prof. Erika von Mutius, was honored with the Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art for her groundbreaking work in pediatric medicine and epidemiology. Her research in the field of asthma and allergic diseases is groundbreaking and has significantly expanded understanding of these health issues leading to improvements in the health of children worldwide. She was also highly praised for her long-standing dedication to scientific research and her humanitarian efforts.

Bavarian Minister-President, Dr. Markus Söder, awarded the Bavarian Maximilian Order for Science and Art to nine individuals. This year's award ceremony increased the total number of awardees to 243 individuals. The number of recipients still alive is limited to 100. Erika von Mutius and the other eight awardees now join the exclusive community of 91 individuals currently carrying this prestigious recognition.

Erika von Mutius' research is groundbreaking in the fields of asthma and allergy development

As a dedicated pediatrician and epidemiologist, Erika von Mutius conducts research in her function as director of CPC-M, but also as the Head of the Institute of Allergy and Asthma Prevention at Helmholtz Munich, aiming to identify the causes of asthma and allergy development to ultimately prevent these diseases in children with higher risk. Her research focuses on genetic and environmental risk factors. Among her most prominent findings are the so-called "Farm Studies”, where she uncovered relevant exposures and underlying mechanisms that provide strong protection against asthma and allergies.