Homerun for the DZL Site Munich (CPC-M)

Four poster awards and three newly elected coordinator positions

Award winners, DZL Academy Board Members Silke Meiners and DZL Spokesperson Werner Seeger

The 11th DZL Annual Meeting (June 14th- 16th, 2023), organized by the DZL Site Munich (CPC-M), came to a successful close last Friday in Fürstenfeldbruck. Over 550 researchers gathered to exchange knowledge, present their findings, and foster collaboration in the field of lung science. The event spanned 57 hours of engaging meetings and presentations, 354 poster presentations and 97 teaser presentations, captivating the attendees with cutting-edge research.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of exceptional talent within the scientific community. Among the 354 posters that were entered into the competition, four out of the ten poster awards went to researchers from the DZL Munich Site (CPC-M):

  • Constanze Jakwerth (IAF; Poster: Activation of distinct mucosal phenotypes (nasotypes) in wheezing and asthmatic children) excelled in the area of ‘Asthma and Allergy’, while
  • Aicha Jeridi (LHI; Chromatin dynamics via HMGN5 regulates COPD susceptibility) shared a price with Jaco Selle (UGMLC) in the area of ‘Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease’ (COPD).
  • Ali Doryab (LHI; Poster: An In Vitro Mini-Lung IPF Model with Real-Time, Non-Invasive Monitoring of Compliance as a Functional Fibrosis Biomarker) achieved recognition in the area of ‘Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease’ (DPLD), and
  • Michael Gerckens (LHI; Poster: ‘Machine-learning based BAL cytology of lung transplant patients) stood out in the area of ‘Regeneration and Organ Replacement’ (ROR).

Each awardee received a 500-euro prize for their outstanding contributions.

Another success for the DZL Site Munich was the election of

  • Claudia Staab-Weijnitz and Carola Voss as Scientific Coordinator and DZL Academy Fellow Coordinator of the Disease Area 'DPLD' as well as
  • Nikolaus Kneidinger as the Scientific Coordinator of the Disease Area 'ROR' and
  • Bianca Schaub und Nicole Maison as Scientific Coordinator and DZL Academy Fellow Coordinator of the Disease Area 'AA'.

Congratulations to all the winners!