bioArchive - Material for basic research


Material for basic research

What material we archive and what we use it for:

Biomaterials, i.e. disease-specific tissue samples or liquids are essential for our research. At the Großhadern site, the CPC-M has a bioArchive, in which such materials are stored and catalogued for current and future studies according to the strict guidelines  of our BioArchive Ethics Committee. The bioArchive is divided into the following databases:

Phenotype database:

In this database we store the pseudonymized clinical data of our patients. In addition to biometric data such as height, weight and age, this also includes background information such as smoking status and previous illnesses. In addition, there are current measured values (lung function, laboratory values, etc.) and diagnoses.

Biomaterial database:

The biomaterial database manages all patient samples that are included in the bioArchive. The arrival, type of sample, processing, storage and distribution of each sample is carefully documented and tracked under its corresponding pseudonym. Using the biomaterial database, we can also track the long-term sample flow of patients who have been treated at different sites.

Image database:

In the image database, we manage all pseudonymized image data relevant for the bioArchive, for example images of the lung using the cross-sectional imaging technique (CT and MRI). Instead of the raw data, so-called metadata are stored here, which provide only minimal information about the patient and his/her illness and describe the current stock of image material.

Access to all databases is via a strictly regulated role concept. To use the biomaterial or the clinical or image data, a detailed application is submitted to the bioArchive. After evaluation by a steering committee, materials and data can then be released in pseudonymized form.

Strategic partnership:

Since 2019, the bioArchive is working closely with the Office for Translational Research at the University of Cambridge (OTR). The German-British partnership is designed to exchange experience and expand the expertise in handling biomaterials on both sides. Find more informations on this cooperation here.