CPC Research School - Training platform for young scientists

CPC Research School

Training platform for young scientists

CPC Research School „Lung Biology & Disease“

The CPC Research School brings together highly motivated young scientists from different countries. They not only acquire theoretical knowledge, but also methodological expertise, strategies in research management or team skills in academic medicine.

Here the students will find a training and education platform with perfect supervision and excellent facilities. In this way, they will develop into leading scientists and researchers who will broaden our understanding of lung diseases and their treatment. The young researchers benefit from the partners of the program, Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health  and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität as well as the university hospital system. Together they all form an excellent and inspiring environment for translational research. Their results are intended to improve the treatment and quality of life of patients with lung diseases.

Students at the CPC Research School not only learn the basics of lung biology and physiology, but also basic biomedical methods and technologies. They also practice how to present their research projects competently or how to write professional proposals, abstracts or papers. They are also offered exchange programs, conference visits or "Meet-the-Professor" seminars.

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MIAS - Cutting-edge research meets young researchers

MIAS, the Munich International Autumn School for Respiratory Medicine, has been held at the CPC since 2012. It is organized by the CPC Research School and is intended to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the training of young lung researchers and clinicians. The background: the increasing and alarming number of patients worldwide suffering from chronic lung diseases.

During MIAS, the 15 young scientists from all over the world get an insight into practical biochemical experiments and procedures from modern research. In addition, there are lectures by speakers from the CPC and international experts, a poster session and plenty of time to network and exchange experiences. A "Bavarian Dinner" will round off the event.

On the website of the CPC Research School, the participants from 2019 tell in a video why they recommend MIAS to other young scientists.