Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

DFG funds DZL group leader Mareike Lehmann with 1.3 million euros

Mareike Lehmann - © Helmholtz Munich Matthias Tunger Photodesign

COPD or pulmonary fibrosis - many chronic lung diseases develop in old age or worsen drastically in the later years of life. Which processes, which molecular processes play a role here? Prof. Dr. Mareike Lehmann, since 2020 group leader at the DZL site Munich (CPC-M) has been investigating this for years.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is now enabling her to continue this research safely. With 1.3 million euros, the DFG is funding an Emmy Noether junior research group, with which Mareike Lehmann wants to take a closer look at cellular aging processes in the lung: How do inflammatory reactions occur, what impedes tissue regeneration or what can promote regeneration?

To find out, the biomedical scientist is primarily investigating the still little-researched extracellular vesicles. She suspects that this cellular mechanism controls communication between cells and is therefore important for cell division, aging and regeneration.

Her long-term goal is to discover therapeutic concepts for rejuvenation and regeneration of lung cells by deciphering the aging processes. She will perform her Emmy Noether junior research group at the Institute of Lung Research at Philipps University Marburg in collaboration with the LHI.

The Emmy Noether Programme of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft gives exceptionally qualified early career researchers the chance to qualify for the post of professor at a university by leading an independent junior research group for a period of six years. Find more informations here.