DGP Research Prize 2024

Janine Gote-Schniering and Niklas Lang are researching pulmonary fibrosis

Double portrait of Erika von Mutius and Ali Önder Yildirim

New Director at CPC-M

Change at the top in march, 2024: Ali Önder Yildirim is following Erika von Mutius.


Emmy-Noether-Group for Carola Voss

DZL-Coordinator looks for disease-causing mechanisms in the lungs.


Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL)

Emerging Scientist Award for Olivia Merkel in the field of inhalation science


Insights from Single-Cell Genomics

Accelerating Drug Development for Lung Diseases with Precision Cut Lung Slices

ERS president Robalo Cordeiro and Bianca Schaub

DZL-Forscherin Bianca Schaub

ERS Mid-Career Gold Medal in Asthma Award for excellent research


Early detection of lung cancer

Nobel Prize-winning laser technology at the LMU Lung Tumor Center in Großhadern


Molecular Mechanisms of Lung Disease

CPC-M Scientists are co-hosting conference in Chicago

Nicole Maison at the award of the Johannes Wenner Research Prize

Rhinovirus in Asthma

Johannes Wenner Prize for Dr. Nicole Maison (DZL-site Munich, CPC-M)

Photo of Erika von Mutius receiving the Maximilian Order

Bavarian Maximilian Order

CPC-M Director Erika von Mutius receives “Bavarian Nobel Prize"

Impressions of the 1st DZG Munich Day 2023

Premiere: DZG Munich Day

Researchers of all eight DZG at the Munich site discuss structures and strategies.


Integrated Human Lung Cell Atlas

First Integrated Single-Cell Map of a major human organ


Homerun for the DZL Site Munich (CPC-M)

Four poster awards and three newly elected coordinator positions


Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

DFG funds DZL group leader Mareike Lehmann with 1.3 million euros


Scars in the lungs

Süddeutsche Zeitung article about research on lung fibrosis at the LHI/CPC-M

Fabian Theis, Winner Leibniz Prize 2023

Leibniz Prize for Fabian Theis

DZL-PI wins Germany’s most prestigious research award 2023


DZL Young Investigator Meeting

Young scientists awarded in area Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease


Poster prize for ex vivo lung model

German Society for Thoracic Surgery awards Mircea-Gabriel Stoleriu


Award for asthma and allergy prevention

Advanced ERC Grant for Erika von Mutius' projects on asthma and allergies in children

Blick in den Poster Room des DZL Jahresmeetings

DZL Annual Meeting 2022 in Hanover

Scientists and physicians call for more innovative technologies for earlier diagnosis

Olivia Merkel carries out research in the area of novel nano delivery systems and their therapeutic application

New methods of inhalation in asthma

ERC-Proof of Concept Grant for DZL PI Olivia Merkel (Department Pharmacy, LMU)


Tobacco cessation: e-cigarettes are not suitable

Electronic cigarettes damage the lungs and the cardiovascular system


Dissertation Award for Gizem Güneş Günsel

DZL junior scientist researches enzyme linked to progression of COPD


Chan Zuckerberg Initiative: 340.000 Euro Grant

Worldwide project explores the pediatric respiratory system


Pulmonary fibrosis - DGP award for Niklas Lang

DZL young scientist looks at the cellular processes and potential new drugs

Nuclei (blue) and secreted extracellular matrix deposits (red) by primary human myofibroblasts (green) isolated from lung tissue of IPF patients.

Novel potent antifibrotics?

Scientists investigate massive deposition of extracellular matrix in lung fibrosis


ESID Grant for Verena Häfner

DZL Academy Fellow investigates lung infections in immunodeficencies


Young Investigator Award for Michal Mastalerz

What is the impact of cigarette smoke on the epithelial cells in the lung?


First DZL Academy Symposium

Exchange between early career lung researchers on translational research


Hamburg Science Prize 2021

DZL scientist Fabian Theis honoured as a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence


Award for DZL-PI Ulrich Zißler:

"Joachim Ganzer Förderpreis" for Allergen Immunetherapy


T Lymphocytes and Covid-19

DZL researchers reveil how T cells change during the course of the disease


Award for work on Bronchiolitis Obliterans

Deutsche Lungenstiftung awards Carmela Morrone for best experimental work


Therapeutic approach against COPD

"Karger Kompass Pneumologie": Article about Nature publication on promising COPD-therapy


Single Cell Genomics

First symposium of the DZL 3.0 working group with top international researchers


Rising Star Award for DZL scientist

Mareike Lehmann awarded for work on age-related lung diseases and their research


Google Maps of the Lung

DZL-PI Herbert Schiller on Deutschlandfunk Kultur about the ‚Human Cell Atlas‘


Severe courses with SARS-CoV-2:

Viral entry factors are more abundant in elderly, men and smokers


DZL approves Clinical study

Aim is to stop chronic lung allograft dysfunction after lung transplantation


Peptide agent against COVID-19

EU funding for clinical trial in severe COVID-19 patients at the clinic of LMU Munich

[Translate to Englisch:] Olivia Merkel mit Phoenix-Preis

"Oscar of Pharmacy"

Work by DZL-PI Olivia Merkel on therapies for asthma awarded with PHOENIX Science Prize


Annual DPLD Meeting (DZL)

Meeting of the disease area Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease - also a virtual success


Research explained clearly

Herbert Schiller on ARD-alpha about the 50 different cell types in the lung and his research on new therapeutics


Rudolf Pichlmayr Prize of DTG

Award for Dr. Nikolaus Kneidinger for improvements in long-term success after lung transplantation


DFG/ANR approval for IPF project

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is funding research for new therapeutic target in IPF


500,000 Euro for Covid-19 study

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding lung researchers at the ILBD/CPC-M


Interview about Covid-19 in SPIEGEL

CPC-M PI Dr. Ali Önder Yildirim talks about prophylaxis for the lung an special risk groups


Funding for the CPC-M bioArchive

Partnership between CPC-M bioArchive and Office for Translational Research in Cambridge enters the next stage


Aerosols and the Human Lung

Scientific textbook on aerosol science by DZL-PI Dr. Otmar Schmid published by World Scientific


Silke Meiners Editor of ERJ

Prof. Silke Meiners from DZL site Munich (CPC-M) appointed Associate Editorin of European Respiratory Journal

Mareike Lehmann (left) and group leader Melanie Königshoff

Research funding on lung ageing

3D tissue model to show the environmentally induced aging of the human lung


Meshal Ansari (l) and Friederike Häfner (r) with their poster prizes

Poster awards for CPC-M scientists

Prizes at the annual meeting of the German Centre for Lung Research


Lung researchers of the future

For the 7th time, junior scientists met at the Munich International Autumn School (MIAS)


World COPD Day on November 20st

Researchers are looking for therapies and better care for patients with COPD


Balzan Prize for DZL scientists

Balzan Prize for DZL researchers

Scientists of German Center for lung research received prize for outstanding performance

Nicole Strobl

Research award for Munich lung biologist

ECMO therapy with artificial lung helps patients with transplanted donor lung

[Translate to Englisch:]

Imaging in research and clinics

DZL-Workshop at the CPC-M gave an overview of the latest procedures in the fields.

lung research at the DZL 2018

Research Highlights of the Year 2018

DZL site Munich presents three projects in the annual report of the German Center for Lung Research (DZL)


Thousandth lung transplantation

Milestone at the Munich Lung Transplant Group (LMU Munich hospital)


21 projects, 11 studies and a lot of cooperation

Group leader meeting at the Munich site of the German Center for Lung Research (CPC-M)

Extracellular vesicles (microscopic image)

Price for publication in pulmonary fibrosis

Can extracellular vesicles transmit signaling mediators and prevent scarring of the lung?

Prof. Bianca Schaub

DFG appoints Heisenberg professorship

DZL group leader Prof. Bianca Schaub is focusing on the development of allergic diseases in childhood

Severine Cranz with DZL-Vorstandsvorsitzenden Prof. Werner Seeger

Lung stem cells: Prize at 2019 DZL Meeting

PhD Student at CPC-M receives Best Poster Prize for project with modern 4D light sheet microscopy

Lab work with Biomaterials

Biomaterials - new German-British cooperation

CPC-M bioArchive receives funding to build a partnership with The Cambridge University Health Partner's OTR

Dr. Yuval Rinkevich

2 million euro grant for DZL research group

Research group at CPC-M is targeting scar-free wound healing as a possible treatment for pulmonary fibrosis

[Translate to Englisch:] Munich Lung Conference 2018

MLC 2018 - Top researchers in Munich

In the video: The highlights of the Munich Lung Conference 2018, from lectures to poster sessions to networking (german)...

Dr. Isis Fernandez at ERS congress in Paris

Funding for researcher of the CPC-M

Dr. Isis Fernandez receives best abstract award at the European Respiratory Society Congress in Paris

Dr. Claudia Staab-Weijnitz

CPC-M group leader on board of PLOS ONE

Dr. Claudia Staab-Weijnitz invited to be a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal

Dr. Kai Förster

Best translational publication in the field of DPLD

Former CPC-M physician Dr. Kai Förster receives award for his research on premature babies


Prof. Dr. Erika von Mutius

New Institute of Asthma and Allergy Prevention

Professor Erika von Mutius wants to strengthen the research areas lung diseases and allergy at the IAP

Graphic: Alveoli with COPD

New guidelines for COPD adopted

DZL doctors revise guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease